Last week, PlayStation’s 5.0 update (codenamed NOBUNAGA) was leaked to the internet, and Sony has now officially revealed what we can look forward to in the latest patch. The update is out today, though only beta testers that were selected last month. From what we can gather, there are going to be many vast improvements that should help the development of the the system’s overall functionality.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s goin’ on:

One of the many improvements you can expect to see will center around online streaming, which will take place with the PS4’s own built-in broadcasting capabilities. Owners of the PS4 Pro will have the benefits of streaming directly to Twitch at 60fps and in 1080p quality  – providing they have a strong enough internet connection. Twitch only added support for 1080p 60fps streaming at the end of March, so it’s exciting to see it worked into the PS4 5.0 update. Whilst broadcasting, PSVR users will be able to view any comments and messages they receive, and in addition, PSVR is going to be receiving 5.1ch and 7.1ch surround sound support. If you have a community set up on PS, you’ll also gain the ability to send your community an invite to watch your stream, and people can drop out or in at any time they like.

The Friends List system is also receiving an update, meaning greater tools for friend management. Replacing the favourite groups tab, you will be gain the ability to set up separate lists of friends, so that when you want to play a game of the new Destiny 2 with your usual ‘lot’, you could send them all an invite.

You’ll also find that notifications you receive during TV and film have more customisability. You will be able to disable messages completely during these times, as well as other notification pop-ups whilst you’re busy watching reruns of your favourite show on Netflix. The customisability doesn’t end there, however, as you’ll have the ability to change the colour of messages, and the amount of message displayed. You’ll also have a privacy mode, so any notifications your receive don’t show the sender or the message.

The Quick Menu is also getting a refreshing update. You’ll be given more options in order to get to where you want to be that snap second quicker. As an example, from the Quick Menu you will be able to see any new party invites you have, not to mention being able to check the progress of a game download. From within the menu, you’ll also be able to check out your current Spotify playlist, as well as leave any party’s you’re sick of talking to.

Lastly, there’s going to be a massive overhaul of Parental Controls, giving parents more control on what their kids do on these hunks of machinery. Sony is, lovingly, calling this new overhaul ‘Family on PSN‘. In this new change, one user will be granted the role of ‘Family Manager’ – the ‘main account’, and all other accounts linked to the console will be appointed as Child, Adult, or Parent/Guardian – known as ‘sub accounts’. Accounts labelled as Parent or Guardian will be able to choose when they restrict a Child’s account – which includes limiting their use of online features and communication, internet browser, spending limits in the PS Store, as well as setting restrictions for games. Each child will be able to have separate controls set in place. Oddly, however, Sony claims that the first time a North American sets up an ‘adult account’ via the Parental Controls, they shall be charged a $0.50 fee in order to verify their age.

Have you got all of that?

If you want to read some more about the PlayStation 5.0 update, click here.

Beta testers were selected via signing up about a month ago, and are today able to take part in the upgrade, though as this is beta release, it is best to keep in mind that you may experience some issues with your console. It is not known when the update will go live for all users, but seeing as Sony is confirming update details and going into depth with the details of their patch, we can imagine it will be any day soon.

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