With the Xbox One X dropping this November, everyone is on their toes in excitement for the new releases, especially after E3 2017. We’re all ready to get to know the games we’re going to be able to play on those 4K TV’s. You know, the ones we all forked out to buy and use with our PS4 Pro’s. The one’s that aren’t seeing any actual 4K.



Set in a vast open world, the main goal in Anthem is to explore the planet with your friends. Players can fly, swim and traverse the planet all whilst wearing their exosuits – which differ in their abilities dependant on the type of player you choose to be. Tanks, rangers, etcetera. Unique weapons, cities, flora and fauna gives this game plenty of promise not only as a brilliant online game, but also as a single player experience.



From the developer Aurora44 comes this art-piece, Ashen. The setting of the story is a world that gets no light – the only sources being an erupting Volcano. Now, my initial thoughts on this game is how Souls-Like it is. What separates this from Dark Souls, however, is that fact you’re not going to be taking on the behemoth creatures – as far as we know. Think you’re going to take on that massive creature with a stick? Think again.

Assassins Creed: Origins


Yet another Assassins Creed game, and the first title to be natively HDR and 4k on the Xbox One X. The player takes the role of an Egyptian militia named Bayek as he works to protect the people from threats – actual events that happened during the time period. Players will be able to tame wild beasts to aid them in their journey of bloodshed, and I can easily say I’m very excited for this one. In glorious 4K, no less.

Code Vein


This one’s a doozy. The art-style is a mixture of realism and anime, though don’t let this take away from the gameplay. You, the player, create your own character, and then choose a partner for the story, each of which has their own unique combat style and backstory. Together, you’ll venture out into a world of destruction, overrun by the ‘Lost’. You’re empowered by your enemies blood, so expect this slasher to be bright and beautiful in HDR and 4K.

Crackdown 3


Described as a ‘sandbox of mayhem and destruction, Crackdown 3 looks like a blast to play. Fast-paced, destructive mayhem leads you on a super powered mission to take back your city. And if Terry Crews in the official trailer didn’t sell it for you, then how about the carnage that comes from wreaking havoc in an entire city?



Now, this one looks really interesting. Straight out of the old-school Mickey Mouse era, Cuphead goes to show that a game doesn’t have to be a 3D first person shooter in order to have that fun goodness of the olden days. Colourful, fast paced and above all else, original, Cuphead will have you feeling like your taking part in an old-timers favourite childhood show, reimagined as a fun platformer in 4K.

Deep Rock Galactic


With a tagline reading “Danger. Darkness. Dwarves” what’s not to love? Deep Rock Galactic is a first person mining game where a team of up to 4 players can fight, dig and explore their way through enormous cave systems. The aim is to uncover riches, and get out alive. The art style of this game is a doozy, so it’ll be exciting to see the colours pop on the Xbox One X.

Dragon Ball: FighterZ 


One thing I love about the release of this game, is how spot on it is with the gameplay compared to the cartoon. Now, I’ll admit, I wasn’t an avid watched of Dragon Ball Z as a child, but just looking at the screen shot above, would you even be able whether it was sourced from the cartoon, or the game? Another reason to be hyped for the release.

Forza Motorsport 7


Easily one of the best racing sims out there, Forza is a series that rarely disappoints. Which is why with the release of Forza Motorsport 7, we are absolutely hyped to see the intricacies revealed on the Xbox One X. With all that machine power behind both the console and the cars, we think this one’s going to speed off the shelves in no time. Pun absolutely intended.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm


The original Life is Strange was a goldmine of heartfelt emotions, and with the release of the sequel on the Xbox One X, fans are gearing up for more tugging of thine heartstrings. A personal favourite of mine, I’m fully prepared to head back to a time before our friend Max saved, or not (cough bae-b4-bay cough), the town from a devastating storm. We’ll be following Chloe and Rachel, in what I imagine will be the lead up to Rachel’s ill-fated disappearance. In HDR and 4K, we’re imagining the colours are going to pop and fall in line with the fantastic soundtrack. Get your tissues ready.

Metro Exodus 


This title looks absolutely breathtaking. The E3 2017 trailer gave us insight into the devastated world of nuclear destruction; Moscow in 2036. Taking up the role of Artyom once again, you’ll be spending a year in the 26 year-olds shoes, surviving against the harsh world that comes with a nuclear winter.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War


Lord of the Rings, oh yes. In this game, expect to be creeping behind enemy lines, using strategy, cunning, or brute to conquer Sauron’s fortresses and turn them against him. Get ready for a personal world filled with characters and stories to enrich the senses. Something exciting to note is the fact that the world will evolve around you – that low-ranking soldier that you denied helping earlier in the game? Well, he’s a strong overlord now, and he ain’t happy that you weren’t there to help him.



Who doesn’t love this Mojang classic? With new life, and shaders, breathed into this game for the release of the Xbox One X, there’s all the reason to get excited to relax with your copy of the new-and-improved Minecraft. The Super Duper Graphics Pack is going to make the most of the £449 you’ve splurged on the newest console from Microsoft, giving you god-rays, dynamic shadows, and a new sense of wonder for the voxel survival game.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


This last-man-standing shooter has been a constant hit with PC players, so to open up to the wealth of interested console players – PS4 included – is an undeniable good move. A game that’s set up like the Hunger Games, team up with friends and then turn on them in the end, just to be the last one standing. It’s going to be a crapfest of destruction, but it’ll garner a few happy memories on the way. Definitely one to look out for.

Sea of Thieves


Ever wanted to be a pirate in a bustling, colourful world? Well, here’s the game for you. Sea of Thieves is everything you can expect from a pirate simulation game. Form a crew, follow the clues, and find the treasure. Then, sail the seven seas and fight other plucky pirates who want ‘yer booty as much as you want it. The art style is a favourite of mine, as well, and I think it’ll translate beautifully on the Xbox one X.

State of Decay 2 


Zombies. Can’t be a brand new console without a new zombie-killing-simulator to have fun with. In this sequel, you’ll be able to co-op with your friends and take down hordes together in a bigger world with more to discover. And in HDR and 4K? Oh yes, I’ll take one.

Super Lucky’s Tale 


A fun, colourful, platforming game coming in 4K to your new console. You play as the hero Lucky, a happy, energetic fox with the willpower to help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from the villain, Jinx. Not only is this gorgeous game going to pop on the screen, but it looks very fun to play. Chanelling the likes of Yooka-Laylee, Sonic and Mario all combined into one, you’ll have hours of fun with this brand new platformer.



A launch exclusive, Tacoma is set to be a world of story-driven mysteries. From the creators of Gone Home, this game follows the player as you explore an abandoned space station in order to discover where the crew has disappeared. You and an AI partner will unveil video and audio records in order to experience the past events from different points of view. Certainly one to look forward to.

The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti


Described as being a game about great expectations, folk singers and lingering shadows, this experience follows the story of a teenager trying to find his on-stage persona. There are quite a few platformers on this list, including the old-style Cuphead and fun-loving Super Lucky’s Tale, but neither of those are as psychedelic and dreamlike as the wonderful experience that is The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti.

The Darwin Project


It’s not the most graphically impressive on this list, though that doesn’t mean that The Darwin Project is any less of a game. In fact, the very feel of this six-person survival free-for-all is excitement and suspense. Thrown into the world alongside six others, with only an axe and a bow, you’re ready to start scavenging. Then, when you’re self-sustained and comfortable, you can create turrets and weapons in order to kill each other. An interesting mechanic is this – as the game progresses, areas of the game become uninhabitable, meaning you are all squished into a small kill-zone, so the temperatures are up and so is the bloodshed.

The Evil Within 2 


The highly anticipated sequel to Bethesda’s The Evil Within, prepare to continue through Tango Gameworks’ original experience, albeit three years in the future. The smooth-talking protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos is back, and as grouchy as ever. Get ready to look for that daughter you thought had died before the first game even begun.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus 


Get prepared to liberate America from the Nazi’s. That’s right, you’ll be playing as BJ Blazkowicz, rallying with pockets of resistance in order to overthrow the Nazi occupation. This game, admittedly, looks gorgeous on the new system, so you might even end up spending more time staring at the scenery than spilling Nazi blood on American soil.


There’s your lot. Needless to say, we are super excited to have these games on our shelves. If you’re heading to EGX 2017, expect to see a few of these titles there, like Dragon Ball FighterZ. Not to mention, EGX 2017 will be the first place you’ll be able to get a chance to use the Xbox One X in the UK.

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