Activision’s Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy was an incredible success, and in its wake it left a gaming community which has realised the appeal of a remastered classic. A personal desire of mine would be for Spyro to have his re-debut on the PS4, but lets take a quick look at some other PlayStation 1 games that more than deserve getting a facelift.


10. Crash Team Racing


Crash Bandicoot’s version of Mario KartCrash Team Racing was a favourite of any child who didn’t have the pleasure of owning a Nintendo 64. With many features derived from its Nintendo sibling, the game would do well as a modernised title. How well exactly, especially seeing as Mario Kart 8 is currently a massive hit, would be debatable. Though, hardcore fans of the Crash series would love nothing more than being able to crush each other in a frantic game of Crash Team Racing.

9. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater


Is this series considered taboo? With the mess that were the latter titles in the series, not to mention the spin offs – looking at you Tony Hawks’ Ride/Shred – the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is on this list purely for nostalgia reasons. It’s widely accepted that the best in the series is its sequel, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, but who wouldn’t want to original to be remade all nice and pretty for the PlayStation 4? Well, we would.

8. Spider-Man


Swinging from rooftop to rooftop in this superhero game was always exhilarating, even if the floor beneath the skyscrapers disappeared into a misty nothingness. Seeing this game remastered in all of its blocky glory would be nice, but I suppose if you think about it, Sony‘s new game is technically exactly the remake we’ve been hoping for.

7. Ape Escape


One of the first, if not the original, games to make use of DualShock technology, Ape Escape was a treat for the eyes and the mind. Compared to Super Mario 64 in many aspects, from platforming, all the way to the collection of super-intelligent apes. Well, not that you collected apes in Super Mario 64, but it’s close enough.

6. Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge


I suppose I’d be a little bias by putting this on my list, but Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge is one of my all-time favourite games for the PlayStation One. A hail to the original arcade game, Frogger, the sequel was amazing in so many ways. You got to collect cute baby frogs, and traverse lots of challenging levels – all of which depended on your impeccable timing, patience, and sometimes how fast you can mash the down button on the d-pad – like that god damn Indiana Jones-esque boulder. With the amount of  fun I had playing this as a child, seeing it reimagined for the PlayStation 4 would be everything five year old me could have dreamed, and I’m sure others would agree.

5. Hugo: Frog Fighter


Alright, another personal favourite, sorry. Hugo. A platformer based around this little troll dude – taking many good pointers from Frogger. Having to leap from platform to platform in a top-down fashion, this game induced many-a-rage-quit, but still lightened the heart with its moderately paced, reasonably fun gameplay. A sure contender for a remaster/remake. I’m thinking, brand new levels, or maybe an online level creator? Yes please.

4. Toy Story 2


How could this masterpiece not be on this list? Toy Story 2 hails as one of the best throwback games you’ll find on the PlayStation One system. Now, imagine this bad boy all shiny and new, remade for the PlayStation 4 system. Imagine those sun rays, toy physics, soundtrack, and that blood great tree in the garden. Imagine it. Go on. Perfection.

3. Crash Bash


If you weren’t ever lucky enough to have any sort of Nintendo system in your house, it meant you couldn’t play Mario Party. Well, if you were like me, then Crash Bash on PSOne was your go to. It’s alright, though, because in some ways it was far superior. There was no way you could top knocking your little brother off of a slippery mountain summit whilst riding an infantile polar bear. After the N. Sane Trilogy’s success, it’d be great to see this game brought back in the new modernised art style for some good old fashioned family rage time.

2. The Lion King


More infuriating than anything, this Disney game was difficult. Very difficult. But, if you were a fan of the Disney PSOne games, as I was, then you’d love to see this one brought back in all of its glory onto the PlayStation 4. Thinking about it, Tarzan on PSOne would be another great title to have remastered into the new generation of consoles. And A Bug’s Life.

1. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone


Finally, we’ve got a classic. Literally. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (or, Sorcerer’s Stone if you were outside of the UK) was a diamond in a coal mine. Yelling ‘FLIPENDO’ at the top of your lungs, collecting Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and eating chocolate frogs to get your health up – what’s not to love? Seeing this get remade in full technicolour onto our modern systems would bring that nostalgia back in waves, only in a new form. All we’d need aside from this is an open-world Hogwarts RPG. We can dream.

So, that concludes our non-particular of games we think deserve to be brought back onto the PlayStation 4. Most of these are either a long shot, or probably could never conceivably happen (looking at you, Disney), but for the most part, it’s interesting to think how these titles would feel if recreated in all aspects.

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