Septembers’ line up of games free with Xbox Live are certainly ones to check out. Two big titles, and two smaller indie titles are soon going to be free for you to own.


XB1: Forza Motorsport 5: Game of the Year Edition – 01/09 – 30/09

Starting off with a bang, the Xbox One title Forza Motorsport 5 is set to be made free for Live members. It’s guessed that this is a bit of a teaser for the fans, as the new title Forza Motorsport 7 is launching early this October. Expect this game to come with some great DLC, which adds a further 10 vehicles to the game. 

Great if you like: racing, cars, realistic-ish-ness.
Not so great if you: aren’t fond of racing, prefer shooters, can’t steer.


XB1: Oxenfree – 16/09 – 15/10

This indie supernatural thriller follows a group of friends who unknowingly open a ghost rift. You play as a boy named Alex, whose brought along his new stepbrother, Jonas, onto an overnight island party which has gone horribly wrong.

Great if you like: wearing adult diapers, indie games, spooky suspense.
Not so great if you: crap your pants easily, prefer AAA titles, hate horror/thrillers.


XB360: Hydro Thunder Hurricane – 01/09 – 15/09

Another racing game, though this time it’s with boats. Players are able to collect boost power ups throughout a race course which can be used for speed, jumps, or unlocking any shortcuts you come across.

Great if you like: racing, arcade games, multiplayer.
Not so great if you: dislike boats, want a calm experience.


XB360: Battlefield 3 – 16/09 – 30/09

Released in 2011, Battlefield 3 is one of those AAA games that you’ve got to play at some point if you’re a fan of the first person shooter genre. With a brilliant single player and an addicting multiplayer mode, you’ll be spending hours playing this one. And the graphics have held up pretty well for a game that’s almost six years old. Wow, has it already been that long?

Great if you like: cappin’ foos.
Not so great if you: would rather race boats.

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