Bethesda‘s Creation Club is a club that, well, isn’t something to write home about. At least – that’s coming from the opinions of the large Fallout community. The general consensus is that the Creation Club is a silly idea, one that Valve briefly realised was a big mistake back in 2015. Bethesda claims that Creation Club’s mods “will remain a free and open system,” – despite the fact users are going to have to purchase ‘credits’ with their real money. So, how is a system ‘free’ and ‘open’, when your users are going to have to pay just to make Dogmeat a different colour? How is that okay?

That isn’t to say that the Creation Club with be a total flop, it’s just that it is unanimously agreed that suddenly charging for something that has always been free is an absolutely absurd idea – especially if you’re backing that up with the silly notion that mods should always be free. Yes, that’s true, but it seems Bethesda doesn’t exactly know what ‘free’ means. Look at the Steam Workshop, for instance – back in 2015, Valve was considering making mods purchasable, and it backfired with a torrent of angry Steam users, and hence it didn’t get off the ground. Oddly enough, it was for Bethesda’s other title – Skyrim. Supposedly, the same thing has reared it’s ugly head again in Bethesda’s next best IP, just in the Creation Community that Valve really has no say over.

Of course, to get these poor gullible souls to buy their paid mods, Bethesda is giving the entire community 100 ‘credits’ to spend on whatever way they please. Because, yes, you have to spend your hard earned money on credits in order to purchase a mod. How bizarre – and very reminiscent of those mobile games with in-game currency.

It all realness, though, 100 credits isn’t going to stretch too far. All you’d be able to afford at the moment are power armor paint jobs for 100 credits, or a handful of paint jobs for your Pip-boy for 50 credits each. Which leads onto the hole that some customers will fall down endlessly – being roped into purchasing more credits via Steam. Prices start at £5.99/$8 for 750, and rise up to £29.99/$40 for 5500. Interestingly, you can use credits across both Steam and Xbox Live, but not on PSN. Bummer.

So, what mod are we lucky Fallout fans going to be able to get our mitts on? What mod am I going to be able to pay my hard-earned money/credits for?


Horse armour. For 250 credits – or £2.50ish. What a world we live in.



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