On Monday 21st August 2017, Intel announced the next its line of processors, the 8th Gen Intel Core.

According to Intel, the public are still using more than 450 million PC’s and laptops that are 5 years old or more. This means that people are using technology which is vastly out of date in almost every aspect, therefore meaning these people are out-of-touch with the wonders of the modern internet.

Gregory Bryant, Intel, had this to say regarding the new techology:

If you go back even five years, a “thin” laptop was still more than 20 mm, 4K content was only starting to take off and Oculus was kicking off its Kickstarter campaign. Compare that with today: Laptops are less than 11 mm, 4K content is pervasive and, VR is being baked right into the operating system people use every day.

The i3, i5 and i7 processors are going to be available in 4 different series.

Y-Series: Thin fanless detachables. Always connected PCs.

U-Series: Thin and light laptops. 2 in 1 computers. Convertibles and Minis.

H-Series: Performance laptops and mobile workstations.

S-Series: Desktop performance to value, all-in-one computers and minis.

The first processors to be available for purchase are the mobile processors within the U-Series – for thin and light laptops and 2 in 1s; consumer desktop will follow in the fall.

There are four mobile processors that have been launched already:

  • i7-8650U
  • i7-8550U
  • i5-8350U
  • i5-8250U

Intel are claiming that their new i5/i7 processors are up to 40% faster than the previous generation, which is good news for multitaskers. You’ll be able to run multiple editing programs at once, and these new CPU’s aren’t even going to break a sweat.

Quoted from Intel, here are a few other examples of the profound impact this performance leap will have:

  • Editing photos or creating a slideshow? That’s up to 48 percent faster on 8th Gen vs. devices powered by the processor we released last year. Now imagine that compared to a 5-year-old device.
  • Editing video footage is now up to 14.7x faster, so rendering what used to take 45 minutes on a 5-year-old PC, now takes three minutes.
  • It’s easier than ever to enjoy your favourite shows in 4K UHD, including new content coming soon from Amazon Prime Video and Vudu, as well as everything already available from Netflix, Sony Pictures ULTRA and iQiyi.
  • You can try out new advancements like Windows Mixed Reality or go even more immersive with Thunderbolt™ 3 external graphics (up to 4K) for enhanced gaming and VR.


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