If you’re a proud owner of Nintendo‘s latest console, the Switch, then you no doubt want some decent accessories to get the most out of your experience. If you’re like me, then you’ve been treating the console like a newborn baby, setting it down with the utmost care onto surfaces and being damn sure that it doesn’t touch the sides when entered into the dock.

So, we’ve had a little dig around on the internet for some must-have items that would go oh-so-well with your brand spanking new favourite bit of technology.

1. HORI Switch Compact PlayStand | £9.99 | AmazonGAME


What Nintendo Switch accessory list is complete without mentioning the fantastically priced HORI Switch Compact PlayStand? It’s no secret that the kickstand on the switch is far from amazing, and combined with the USB-C charging port being located at the bottom of the machine, leaves a device that’s extremely hard to charge when using in tabletop mode. This PlayStand eradicates those fears of the Switch dying midway through an intense Mario Kart 8 race, and allows you to juice up the console whilst at the same time giving you multiple degrees of tilt; which, of course, the goddamned vanilla kickstand cannot do either.

2. Comfort Grip Joy Con Armor Guards | £14.66 | Amazon


Personally, I’m not a fan of those silicone rubber covers for Joy Con’s that are all so popular. I find that aside from providing good grip, they look a little janky. Hard shell covers, however, snap into place and make the controllers look really smart. The Comfort Grip Joy Con Armor Guards come in blue, red and yellow, meaning you can match them up to the coloured controllers you own. Even if you’ve got the default dark grey ones, they look mighty fancy all dolled up with these shells. They come with joystick covers too, so there’s extra protection for your buck.

3. Elite Players Backpack | £39.99 | AmazonArgos


I’ve seen a few carry cases dotted around the internet, but none of them shouted style or cool to me. This one, surprisingly, I think wouldn’t look half bag slung over one shoulder like a real cool kid. Plus, you don’t have to carry just Switch related things inside – think of the possibilities; pens, pencils, purse/wallet, socks, food… Endless. Possibilities.

4. Pro Controller Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Edition | £64.99 | Nintendo | Amazon


Now, I know that Switch Pro controllers are on near enough every single accessory list for the console, but I can’t stress enough how much more decent the experience is with one of these – it helps differentiate handheld, tabletop, and television mode. Sweet. That, and the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 edition is very pretty, and that’s coming from someone who has never played the game. Overall, it’s a good looking, and great working, controller.

5. Wired Controller Plus – Super Mario | £29.99 | GAME | Argos


Can’t warrant spending almost £65 on a new controller? Well, this ones pretty great as well. The Super Mario themed wired Pro controller works with the Switch, and anyway, who cares about wires? The Switch dock has two USB ports, and if you’re in console mode, it’s no doubt that you’re not really sitting that far from the console itself anyway. A very pretty official controller, at a fraction of the price of its big brother. No brainer.

6. Hori Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter | £26.99 | Argos | Amazon


If you’re a fan of Splatoon or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, then you’re going to want those lightning fast internet speeds. Playing wirelessly is, well, okay, but nothing is going to beat plugging in an ethernet cable. The Switch dock doesn’t natively have an ethernet port built in, but as I said before, it does own two USB ports. So if you’ve got your brand new reasonably priced Super Mario Pro controller plugged in one of them, you can have your ethernet cable plugged into the other, letting you defeat the opposition with a ping of 1.

7. HIDEit Switch Wall Mount | £24.99 | Amazon


Here’s something a little different – a wall mount. If you’re into having a clean, smart looking layout to your living room, then you can’t possibly give this one a miss. Have your brand new Switch perched up on the wall beside your television so it can be seen by all. Or, hell, put it above your TV, because we both know it deserves it.

8. Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 | £35.99 | Amazon


I personally own one of these beasts. Great for when you’re out and about and want to get the most out of your Switch experience. It’s no secret that after a few hours of heavy gaming, the Switch will promptly start soaking up all of its juice and die. Well, this portable battery packs a real punch. But here’s the kicker – when you’re thinking about getting a product like this – it needs to have Quick Charge 3.0, otherwise, your power-hungry Switch is going to eat up that sweet electricity before the pack can even make the battery percentage go up by 1. Anker’s PowerCore (this one is an upgraded model) will nullify that problem. Plus, with multiple USB ports, you can charge your phone at the same time! Fantastic!

9. Hybrid Cover – Splatoon 2 | £19.99 | TESCO


If you’re like me and you find yourself being super gentle with your Switch, then you’ll probably want to invest in a decent cover. There is a multitude of different ways you can protect your Switch, including Silicone cases, skins, and hard shell cases. This one, however, is a wraparound design that features hidden velcro to keep everything snug and in place. Plus, the Splatoon design is great on the eyes, and the case doubles as a stand. Neat.

10. Premium Zelda Chat Earbuds | £16.20 | GAME | Amazon


Now, I was having a think about what the final item on this list could be. Having a trawl around on the internet just lead me to some boring things – wheel cases for the Joy Cons, screen protectors (which I recommend, regardless of this), cables, skins – blah blah blah. Then I stumbled across these earphones, and they really stood out. They’re beautiful, and so is the case they come bundled with. A wonderful price for some Zelda themed in-ear earphones – you’ll be able to listen to Link’s hi-yah‘s whilst you take down a Guardian, in wonderful privacy. I might even get some for myself right now.

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