Fallout 4 is a huge game, but most players have found that after 200 hours of stomping around the Commonwealth, things can get a little bit lackluster. Not only that, but some buggy gameplay elements can actually hinder the overall experience and make the game that little bit more annoying.

There may even be some new players who are setting foot into the Commonwealth for the first time, and want to be extra prepared with some decent mods.

Well, you’ve discovered the right list. Whether you’re a new or returning player, you’ll be bound to find something you want to install.

Before I start sharing with you my personal favourite mods for Fallout 4, I’m going to tell you the obvious ones that are either required for mods in my list to work, or just decent mods that any other modder would recommend:

  • Fallout 4 Script Extender | Download
    You’ll need this one if you want most of the mods on my list – it extends what scripts modders can create and opens up a host of possibilities.
  • Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) | Nexus
    This one pretty much makes sure that all of your armor, clothing and weapons mods all work hand-in-hand. It also adds workbenches, and specific modding for blade weapons.
  • Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch | Nexus
    My pre-list wouldn’t be complete without this doozy. The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch aims to catch the little things that Bethesda didn’t, like texture stitching, quest bugs, and text errors.

Now, onto the list of mods that I’ve deemed wont necessarily improve your quality of life, but might make your game a little more interesting.

1. Full Dialogue Interface | Cirosan/shadwar | Nexus


What this mod does, is open up the dialogue system so you can see what your Sole Survivor is actually going to say, rather than “Yes”, or “No.”

2. Improved Map with Visible Roads | mm137 | Nexus


See where you’re going… with style! In all seriousness, it makes the Pip-Boy map far clearer and easier to understand – with brighter icons and glowing roads.

3. Lowered Weapons | lesma666 | Nexus


This is more of a ‘muh-immershunn’ mod than anything. What this mod provides the automatic lowering of weapons when they’re not in use. They just point straight to the ground. Like a normal person sprinting with a gun in their hand would do.

4. Enhanced Blood Textures| bDefinder | Nexus

Visual-_0004_Enhanced Blood

The blood textures in Fallout 4 are forgettable, and simply put, this mod just makes them seem real. If you install via the Nexus Mod Manager, you’ll even be able to customise them further. Right down to the shade of red, and how much of it splatters across your eyeballs.

5. Ponytail Hairstyles | Azar | Nexus


Who wouldn’t want more options when decking their Soul Survivor out in a bunch of new hairstyles? Be it messy bun, prim and proper, or long dead straight hair – you can have it.

6. Vivid Fallout – Landscapes – Textures in HD | Hein84 | Nexus


Does this picture not do the mod justice? What the creator, Hein84, intended to do here was provide high-quality, crisp textures, at a fraction of the file size. And, they succeeded.

7. The Eyes Of Beauty | LogRaam | Nexus


A lot more eye colours to choose from, some natural, some not; all fantastic.

8. DEF_UI | eanka/Valdacil/Old Nick/ParasiteX/sekoms | Nexus


If I remember correctly, there was a very similar mod for Skyrim a while back, I even think I had it installed. This is the exact same thing, except your Pip-Boy will also become a lot more organised at the same time – Misc. items are organised, and clothing is in categories, to name a couple of changes. And… Icons! Who doesn’t love icons?

9. Proto Vault Suit | nitronizer | Nexus


This item is clothing is far prettier than the vanilla vault suit – all without the ‘slootiness’ that comes with a few other mods of a similar nature.

10. Everyone’s Best Friend | Valdacil | Nexus


Dogs are mans best friend, always have been, always will be. This mod gives the player the ability to not only have a companion, but also their furry four-legged companion at the same time. Double the protection, and a single dose of fluffiness.

11. Achievements | Expired6978 | Nexus


This mod requires F4SE to work, and re-enables Achievements. I can understand why Bethesda disabled Achievements for mod users, in case they used cheats, but to disable them for someone who just wanted some better looking blood, or maybe have Dogmeat by their side at the same time as Valentine? It’s a tadge bit silly, really.

12. True Storms | fadingsignal | Nexus


This one is a must-have. True Storms brings to the table what no other mod can, and that is immersive, loud, heart-shattering storms. Whether it’s a radstorm or thunderstorm, this mod packs a punch and makes living in the wasteland all that more dangerous.

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