BREAKING NEWS: The game has been added to Amazon Mexico, where it retails at $735 (pesos) which is roughly $40 (dollars) and £30. This has been proved in its validity by the seller being none other than Activision themselves. The release date is set to be 21st September 2018. You can view the cover art further down the page.

In August of last year, I speculated about the Spyro The Dragon trilogy getting a well deserved remaster. Now, eight months later, it seems like this may finally be coming to fruition.

Spyro, as an IP, is one that is well loved, cherished, and fondly remembered. It helped pioneer the original PlayStation‘s platforming adventure genre aimed at children – which up until the release of Spyro & Crash Bandicoot was something that the original PSX was lacking.

Alright, so what kind of developments are we talking about?

On the subreddit /r/spyro, there have been many spyro fans collectively crapping a brick in anticipation of some new hints and tidbits that been surfacing from a few days ago up until now. As this year is the 20th Anniversary of our favourite purple friend, does that mean that the community is going to be graced by the ever-dreamed-of remaster trilogy?

The Eggs

So far, ten purple scaly eggs have been sent out to magazine companies, YouTubers, news outlets, and other gaming related people. Each egg has been accompanied with a small purple card that reads, “something’s about to hatch” – Falcon McBob.

First thing to note, that it’s obvious this is all about Spyro – the purple, the scales, the fact that the name Falcon McBob is linked to the @SpyroTheDragon twitter handle. It all adds up, and it’s easy to understand why the community is getting more hyped with every egg that lands on someone’s desk.

The second thing is that the address that these eggs were sent from was spotted in the first image of an egg on Twitter. This address was found to be home to Activision Blizzard in Santa Monica. So – someone called ‘Falcon McBob’ sent this egg from Activision, and has been sending more eggs to other prolific members of the gaming community.

What else ya got?

1.) The official Crash Bandicoot Twitter page is now following the aforementioned @SpyroTheDragon “Falcon McBob” page, which leads us to believe that all of this preparation is for something 100% real.

2.) It’s been guessed that there are going to be twelve eggs in total, matching the amount that had to be collected in the original Spyro The Dragon game in order to achieve 120%

3.) So, it turns out that Activision have turned over the formerly defunct Spyro website to the servers that currently hold their other websites: Akami. Which is more than enough evidence to prove that a new site launch is imminent.

4.) The @SpyroTheDragon Twitter handle has officially been unlocked! Not only is the account now available to be followed (5.7k and growing!) but they also posted this juicy teaser as their first and only post (so far)!

So what have they given us to feast on before the announcement of the most hyped game of 2018 so far? Well, it’s a picture of a Crash Bandicoot. From my eagle-eye sleuthing, I can exclusively tell you that it’s also a PLUSH version of the bandicoot.

Reflected in his eyes are two images, and from the pixels of green and purple, it’s pretty obvious what our friend is doing – he’s playing Spyro! Which Spyro he’s playing exactly is still under examination, but one reddit user who goes by the name of /u/cogs90210 created a short video to demonstrate what we’re seeing in the right hand reflection.

Major Update! All aboard the Hype Train!

IT’S HERE! The game has been added to Amazon Mexico, where it retails at $735 (pesos) which is roughly $40 (dollars) and £30. This has been proved in its validity by the seller being none other than Activision themselves. The release date is set to be 21st September 2018. The possible cover art is below:



It may not be the final cover art, but it gives us a solid glimpse into the final design of our favourite purple dragon. We can also tell that it’s confirmed that Toys For Bob are taking the lead with creating the game – the guys who created Skylanders.

Someone also pointed out that the cover art is reminiscent of Charles Zembillas original concept art:

Is the hype train at full speed? Absolutely.

Egg Updates

There are currently ten eggs in circulation, as of writing.

#1 The first egg, and the one that started all of this HYPE was delivered to Jonathon Dornbush over at IGN.

#2 now belongs to Newsweek, and Bob Fekete was quick to post to Instagram

#3 was given to Patrick Shanley

#4 fell to the hands of Paste Magazine, who noted on the amount of hay supplied.

Read the article here

#5 was delivered to Forbes, who speculated on what could possibly be inside the egg

Read the article here (also our feature image is credit to Mitch Wallace)

#6 Boogie received an egg! At this point, it’s clear this was no hoax. (15:50 GMT)

#7 was delivered to Lamarr Wilson (17:26 GMT)

#8 to arrive was at IGN France, and was quickly debunked that it was sent from the Activision UK team.

#9 is here! (15:35 GMT)

#10 has also arrived! (21:55 GMT)

Stay tuned for more!

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