Last updated: Friday 8th June 2018

Here we are, folks, we’ve finally received OFFICIAL renders and gameplay images/comparisons for the remaster – as well as an official logo!

Is hard not to fall in love with Spyro’s revamped design.

Things we’ve noticed:

  • He’s got thumbs! Whilst a first for Spyro, this may have been implemented with a nod to the 80 dragons that you can rescue, from the first game – after all, they stood on two legs and use their forearms/claws for, most likely, grabbing things.
  • Sparx also has arms. Not a new occurrence for the little critter, but strange to see in a remastered form. He also now takes on a far more bug-like appearance.
  • The gem mounted in the portal gates is a nod to the original PlayStation logo.
  • Orcs have been completely redesigned – for the better? Absolutely.
  • Two words. Fire. Particles. If this is how good the fire’s going to look, then imagine seeing it in action. To add to this, the water physics, waterfalls, and other moving objects are going to look hella fancy.

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